Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Pathetic Plea for Help

This has been an unproductive depressing winter. My presence in polite society has been quite infrequent. It has been a time of working my usual 12 - 14 hr days, come home, chores, eat, zonk out. Numerous painful dentist visits. (twitter - @tinkersmith -> #DentureAdventure) Several failed attempts at molding leather monogoggle mask. ENOUGH BELLYACHING!

Now to my real reason for all this blathering. SPATSFEST '11! If you want to be involved in sculpting this event into a spectacle of sight and sound, be at Hanna Flannigan's on Biltmore Ave. Wed. Apri 7 at 7 PM.

The greatest need to address right away is a flyer to hand out/post at upcoming AnachroCon (which I will be attending with Katie Smithington) and World Steam Expo. It saddens me to say I will not be attending, however, Katie will be there, representing and radiating with the glory of all that is SPATS! I was able to get the week before off, but have to work on Monday. BOO! The life of a cracker packer is a tale of missed opportunities and woe.

Anyhow, back to the flyer. The challenge we have before us is to make it vague and intriguing. Vague, because the details will not be fleshed out yet. Intriguing, because, well, duh. A few details we do have: it will be a one day event, unless, of course, we wrangle enough content to expand.
The date: Saturday January 29, 2011
Locations: Firestorm Cafe and Eleven On Grove, Asheville, NC
Entertainment: Hopefully, we can get our friends, Hellblinki again. Vaudeville/Burlesque, whomever else we can entice.
Author(s), panels, vendors. Attendee swap meet area.

If you are interested in getting in on the ground floor of this event - too late. But you can catch up. We've only made it up a step or two. There are several ways to contact me:

comment here

Myspace: SPATSociety

Facebook: Tinkersmith

Twitter: Tinkersmith

Email: Tinkersmith[at]

I'm quivering with anticipation. Oh, wait. That's just Tesla scratching himself against my leg.

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  1. Amazing. Dr Sketchy's is on the 7th. And the giant steampunk birthday party I'm attending is on the 7ths. The world hates me.