Sunday, April 11, 2010

A big thank you to all who came out for our grand organizational meeting this past Wednesday. A flyer design was submitted by Johnny Lemuria, altered slightly, scrutinized heavily, endorsed by all in attendance, and verbally abused by all passers by. This will be used for propagandizement and grand proliferation of the notion that Asheville will be the next Steampunk Mecca. At the very least, SPATSFEST will be a weekend of steamy fun and frivolity.
Yes, the VERY LEAST.

While this blog is intended to be the primary disseminal source for all your spattastic info, you are quite welcome to join in on your favorite social networking site:

MySpace: SPATSociety
Facebook : Tinkersmith
Twitter: Tinkersmith
Ning: Steampunk Empire - SPATS group

Hope to hear from you soon.

Oh, btw: Tinkersmith has nothing to do with tinkerbell. Think of a blacksmith, silversmith, goldsmith. Tinkersmith is the village smithy who tinkers new and seemingly useful things out of old discarded crap. Guess I'm kinda the Dr. Frankenstein of junk. Mwahahaha.